Let this love be…


Letter to ‘my kind’.

Dear ‘My Kind’,
They disappoint me every now and then,
coz they are different, I call them men.
But my own kind, my dear women,
we are already dragged down and assumed as weak.
Let them say, let them talk behind our back or on face.
But what’s the need for you to add one more tip or one false bit?
Now is the time we should grow and glow,
support our kind, lets be a pride..
Let’s not know how to lose and know what to choose.
There’s more to talk about than just the makeup brands and false eyelashes.
There are better things to say than who is wearing what and why is she wearing that!
More than that kind, my own kind disappoints me more sometimes.
coz we doing more discouraging than appreciating each other.
I have seen and heard, more than men, we bruise another one who’s just like us,
Can’t we love another woman, walking by, looking bomb, just like those men do?
Can’t we clap for her who walks and talks with men at works?
She works equally or more, so can’t we stop crediting her looks for her brain?
But our envious eyes and malign thoughts though!
Looking forward for a tiny change and massive love towards our hood.

Yours, ‘Your own Kind’.

Jordan and the Jordanians!

I always was looking for a chance to visit Jordan since 2017 I guess and whenever I was free I was looking for the accommodation in AirBnB. I knew I was going there someday but I didn’t know when and I had no idea. I wanted to go there because I hold an Indian Passport and it was visa on arrival which means no hassle for visa.

I kind of manifested my Jordan trip. Long story and the I reached Amman, Jordan on 18th Dec 2019 for two weeks. I kind of knew how it looked like because I was watching the YouTube videos and researching too much about the place and safety measures for a solo female traveler. But when I reached there, it wasn’t like the way I imagined. From the airport to my apartment was a very exciting ride. I felt like I was going through a place where war took place recently. Dry and empty. I was little hesitant about the people and the culture too but I realized Jordanians are super cool and super hospitable. Its very safe for anyone, just don’t do something which any sane people wouldn’t like. They are very modern and cultured too.

When I came back from Jordan, one thing I couldn’t stop talking about was their hospitality. They are so helpful and always ready to welcome you for dinner, lunch, ride, going around and what not!

Being a vegetarian, I couldn’t eat Mansaf, Jordan’s national dish and one dish that everyone suggested me to try. I did try Hummus and Falafel and different type of sweets including Knefah. The interesting thing I like about Knefah is they use some kind of cheese which makes it very rich and delicious and I’m a cheese lover. Also try Arabic coffee and Jordanian wine! Not together!!

I’m definitely going back to Jordan again and rekindle my Jordanian love story. Till then, enjoy the Covid days!

Escape to Vietnam.

Hectic life of Hong Kong was stressing me out too much and I was looking for a quick getaway somewhere affordable and different. I had no idea where I was going. I started searching for holiday destinations but it wasn’t helping me. So I started searching for flights instead. I looked up the rates of round tickets of few countries then I booked my flight to Hanoi for the coming week after. Visa for Vietnam is not a hassle.

As soon I booked my flight, I booked my hotel and made a list of things I would do there.

Mid June I was in Hanoi for 4 days and 5 nights short solo vacation. I always love travelling alone. It gives me a sense of freedom in a different way. I landed Hanoi in the late evening. The hotel staff welcomed me with a drink and took me to my suite. I had booked a normal room but they upgraded me to a suite which had a nice balcony from where I could see all the roofs of Hanoi’s buildings, Cathedrals and if I look down, the narrow lanes.

I still remember the first thing I did when I entered the suite was check the bathroom coz I love big and bright bathrooms and it was exactly that with a big glassed wall overlooking my bedroom and the roofs of the buildings.

I started exploring Hanoi right after my dinner and what an experience it was. My first ride from hotel was some random guy with a scooter. I paid him around 500000 dong and he took me for a ride around the city. We stopped at few places briefly to take pictures and then he dropped me off to a famous spot of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake.

Hoan Kiem lake us in the middle of the city and it is one of the spots where locals and tourists mix up. It was such a lively place. Everyone was merry making through dancing, singing, magic shows, talent shows, mini live concerts, hawkers selling different items, people running around, working out, and so many other things to see. I stopped at a place to see live art and made him do mine too and I brought that sketch with me as a memory.

When I was there, I thought I should try Pho so I went to a small, very famous Pho restaurant and ordered for Veg Pho. It came and the first slurp of Pho made me nearly faint. I didn’t like it a d later I came to know it was beef stock. I’m a vegetarian!

I went to a full day trip with other people from different countries to Halong Bay and it was fun. I don’t know why but some people in the group were taking pictures with me. I thought I look like one of them but they came one by one to take pic with me and they were not even talking to me before that. We kayaked there, hiked a bit and visited the locals’ boat houses. Boat houses are their permanent homes. The children don’t go to schools, the whole village live over the water and it was their life. Our guide told us to contribute to the community by buying something from them. I bought a handfan and drank coconut water from them.

Soon it was my day to get back to Hong Kong’s busy life. But I gathered a lot of memories in Hanoi. I haven’t penned down more than 80 percent of my experience there because I want those of you are reading this to experience it yourself. Even now as I’m writing this, all the memories coming in flashbacks, from the cyclo ride, the long line of mausoleum, the cheap yet so good cocktails, randomly sitting on the scooters and communicating with the sign language with the riders as most of them couldn’t speak English, joining the dance on the street to getting lost everytime and finding a new place. It was a great experience!! I loved and lived every moment in Vietnam.

A week in Hong Kong.

I was trying to take my time out for my blog but I was either too lazy or too busy doing nth or sth. Well. . Here today I finally took out my time to post a blog. I was in Hk, Malaysia and Macau last month and here I’m posting few pics from my vacation. As I spent a week in Hk and one night each in Macau and Malaysia, I have much to say about Hk.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  I stayed at a beautiful Regal Riverside Hotel which is in Shatin, little bit away from the hustel and bustle of Crazy crowd of Hk markets. My room had a wonderful view of river and it was awesome. It was worth what I paid. The shoppings in Hk markets were total fun and you can find cheap stuffs, esp for ladies. I went Hk with one suitcase and returned back with two full. Since I’m a vegetarian, I could not really enjoy the street food but you can find really good restaurants which serves you really good food. The food is quite cheap and reasonable anywhere in Hk except the posh restaurants.  The LKF area is the happening place for the people who love clubbing and fine dining.  I even went to a gay bar which was crazy for me. I could really see some handsomest guys in the club and my heart got broken too.. u know what I mean. 😉 The ferry to Macau from Hk is very convenient and it just takes an hr to reach there.. as I reached macau, I checked in some actually many casinos. I actually am not a gambling lover but what happens in Macau stays wherever! I lost though! Okay.. I’m too lazy to type so here I’m ending up with my vacation pics.. see it for yourselves!

Gold Coast beach. My name on it looks beautiful!

Gold Coast beach. My name on it looks beautiful!

Jordan ferry.

Jordan ferry.

View of China from Macau.

View from my hotel room. Hk

Looking to China from Macau.

Looking to China from Macau.

My minnie icecream at Disney land.

My minnie icecream at Disney land.

Landing Malaysia in the dawn

Landing Malaysia in the dawn

Wool and fur.


It’s winter and we need to keep ourselves warm..but hey! Need to keep ourselves stylish too.. I have kept myseld warm and stylish with this woolen sweater and some fur ( no any animals have been harm, coz they ain’t original). With the sock stockings it’s easier for me to wear heels as they help to grab the feet in the shoes well as the cold tend to make the feet numb during winter. =) Happy winter! Stay warm!

Sexy net


‘Sexy’ is the word when I think of stockings. Wearing them in a correct way makes your legs look sexy and yourself stylish but not knowing it could make you look like a bumpkin. I have had few pics taken for the blog but due to some problem in my laptop, I couldn’t upload the pics. Anyway, you can find different designs and colours in the market. Just mix or match with your outfit and wear them correctly. I, personally don’t like the cropped ones but hey! Wear ’em if you like ’em and you can also share me your pics.  =) Good day! ♡